I created my first site-specific sculpture while studying at Cranbrook Academy of Art, a campus recognized as one of the jewels of American Landscape Architecture. That sculpture started with my awareness that with respect to site, the Minimalist Sculpture aesthetic current at that time seemed arbitrary and was essentially about itself, existing too often in spite of its surrounding landscape. On one of my walks, I discovered in a small forest, a crossing of paths that seemed both transient and permanent, both a meeting place and a mere marking of unspecified trajectries. I was so moved by that moment that I sought and was granted the privilege to create the first site-specific sculpture on that historic campus. 


The process of siting and making that sculpture was the genesis of my aesthetic/dynamic which sought to express intuited connections between art and environment. That process informs my practice to this day. There is significant collaboration in all of my large scale work. Along with familializing myself with the site geography, I always research its history, seasonal climate and light conditions, and especially the effect it has on those who access or use it on a daily basis. Although I see my role as one of creative leadership, I have learned as a sculptor and film director that one must share the vision to enable other professional to use their unique talents and expertise. 


2018 NIAGARA STRAITthe Niagara Botanical Garden, Niagara Falls, Ontario


2018 THE COMING SPRING, Our Paths Cross Reconciliation Commemorative Project. Saskatoon Tribal Council, the Central Urban Metis Federation and the City of Saskatoon

2014 WISDOM (A PLACE OF MANY GRASSES), Chatham-Kent, Ontario                                                                       

2014 WHEEL OF NATIONS, Rotary International Centennial, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2011 - 2013 SILVER MERIDIAN, lac du Bonnet, Manitoba

2013 LE DEJEUNER DUR L'HERBE, Kingsbrae Garden Prize, St. Andrews, NB           

2006 – 2011 Remediation of the Wilderness Boundary, community development, site plan, strategy

2010 - 2011 KATIMAK, Buoyant Sculpture Collaboration with Mech. Eng., Graham Leverick, Gold medal, Sculptor Gordon Reeve  (working model)      

2008 AGASSIZ ICE, Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2004 LUNA, Friesens Corp., Altona, Manitoba                  

2000 SHARON SCREENS, Winnipeg, Manitoba            

1988 RED RIVER PORTAL, Winnipeg, Manitoba

1987 PRAIRIE RAINSTORM, Commissioned by the Province of Manitoba

1986 NORTHSTAR, waterfront, Kenora, Ontario

1985 JUSTICE​, Winnipeg, Manitoba    

1979 DRUMLIN, Commissioned by the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba

1978 PROVINCIAL BUILDING, Dauphin, Manitoba

1972 TOWER 2

1972 ONE EDGEL ROAD, bronze fountain, Framington, Mass.