Proposal for Norway Tsunami Monument



On December 26th, 2004 Earth shuddered... tides raced with lightning speed toward unsuspecting shores. In an instant millions of lives across the planet changed forever and nearly 230,000 died. In that single moment an entire pkanet awakened to the reality that life is the ocean we share.

Movable stainless steel mirrors mounted in sequence along the needle's dorsal length flash like fish darting across the ocean surface sending land's light/life out acrossthe ocean. On the surface of each mirror lines from Norwegian poets which remind us of our universal connection to the seas have been sandblasted in reverse. In the brilliant sun the mirrors cast ephemeral word-shadows of the poetic fragments, now reversed and legible, onto the sand. Those who have come to sit by the sea may play with the mirrors as children do sending reflected light words from sand to sea to sky. And perhaps they will wonder, as we all do about all of life's mysteries, where words go once spoken...

From North in the World by Roff Jacobsen:

Guardian Angel

...I am one you have loved long ago, I walk alongside you by day and look intently at you and put my mouth on your heart but you don't know it...

Another mirror might have these words from his poem


...There is a precise total of all the grains of sand on earth's beaches, as well as for the starry words above our heads .... if only we knew it,

...It's more important to know that the grains of sand grow constantly in number and the deserts are getting bigger.

A touch of violet has mized itself into the pink of sunset.

Words once spoken fly on the wind, perhaps moving upward and away, yet remain forever in our minds as memories. This sculpture is intendeed to create a sacred space where people may come to reflect, remember and take solace from the sea and sky. Jacobsen's words are touching in the way they suggest the eternal presence of another who is always there at the edge of our lives. This sculpture may be seen in some ways to suggest a similar presence and, sitting as it does at the sea's edge, allow one to share its eternal rhythm.