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Curriculum Vitae


Gordon M. Reeve, BFA, Cranbrook, MFA, RISD


Professor and Chair Sculpture, University of Manitoba School of Art 1976 – 2013 (retired)

Special areas of teaching - Public Site Specific Sculpture, Sculpture in the Urban Environment

Public Art Commissions 

2019 June, Niagara Strait, Site Specific, three elements 24’ x 16’x 12” depth, stainless steel, 16,000 lbs. Entrance to Niagara Botanical Garden/ Niagara Parks Commission, Canada 150, Dedication August 2018                                                 


2018 June Coming Spring,  Site specific, 27’x42’x’38’, 12,000 lbs. stainless steel and sound element Saskatoon Tribal Council, Central Urban Metis Federation and the City of Saskatoon, Canada 150 A public sculpture to welcome people of all races and nationalities to Treaty Six Territory  Dedication June 20, 2018


2016, Windspire, Finalist War Memorial, National Competition,                                      

80’ x 36’x36’, 15,000 lbs. Spire suspended from buttresses, vibrates in the wind.

Structural legs cold in summer, warm in winter, using geo-thermal vertical loop


2014-2015 A Place of Many Grasses, honouring Tecumseh and all First Nations.

Wisdom, stainless sculpture 50’x50’x’18’, 10 benches, text by contemporary First Nations leaders

Earthwork, mound, 50 species of grass, sacred path, procession

Site Specific Sculpture and Commissions (1972-1988)

1972 One Edgel Road, Framingham, Mass. Fountain, 20’ waterfall, 1500 lb. Bronze fountain (built)                            

1972 Tower 2, wood and blown glass 16’x4’x4’(built)                            

1972 Carved marble at Carlo Nicoli Studio, Carrara, Italy

Marble Wall (white and black marble laminated with cast lead shield inserts)

Pivot wall with foot (white and black marble) 2 elements  2’ x 3’ x 1’

Dictator’s Head (pepperino) 2’ x 2’ x 4’

Winding Form - green/red onyx  1’x1’x2’                                            

1974 Ploughshare 8’x5’x5’ stainless steel, Essex Continuum – three moving columns, brass inlaid pictographs

Competition First and second prize, Essex County, Ontario Catholic School Board (built)                            

1977 Finalist Winnipeg Centennial Library competition (model built)

1978 Dauphin Screen, Winner Competition,’ x 6’H, Provincial Building Dauphin, MB (built)                            

1979 Drumlin,, Winnipeg Art Gallery interactive site-specific, 90’loa hill and slide (built)                            

1985 Justice, Competition Provincial Courts SS, 42’ H 13 metric tonnes (built)                        

1986 Northstar , Waterfront, Kenora, Ontario SS 9’ x 5’ (built)                               

1987 Prairie Rainstorm, Juried competition. Province of Manitoba (built)                            

1988 Red River Portal, Proposal, carved granite  2’ x 1’ x 4” (model built)


Film/Video Publications (1987-2002)

(all broadcast to local, national and international audiences)

1987-88 Harvest - the Tradition

1987 Winnipeg in 1912

1987 A Language to be Seen - part one: Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Paris

1987 A Language to be Seen - part two: Picasso and Braque. L'Orangerie, Paris, Dina

1987 The Father He Never Knew, Vladimir Barranoff-Rossine

1987 Statues That Will Sing, Dina Vierny discusses Aristide Maillol. Paris

1987 Enigma - part  one The early works of Marcel Duchamp. Interview with Anne D'Harnoncourt, Director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Paris, New York and Phila.

1987 Enigma – part two, Duchamp, first  documentation of his last work etant donne.

1987 I Must Paint What I See, Otto Dix, Interviews with his son Ursus. Avignon France.

1988 Future Imperfect  Collection of Lydia Winston Malbin collector of Futurist art. NYC

1988 The Music of Colour, Kandinsky, Thomas Messer, Guggenheim Museum. NYC,Paris

1988 In Hidden Gardens Bourdelle, Zadkine, Rodin, Picasso Museum, Rodin Museum,  Paris

1988 Brancusi Miastra The Sculpture of Constantin Brancusi, Paris and New York.

1988 I Am the Hornblower Ivan Eyre National Gallery of Canada

1988-1990 The Will to Win /La rage de vaincre  English and French,16 mm film, performance, interviews with Luciano Pavarotti, Barbara Hendricks, Theresa Berganza, Monaco, Paris, Venice, Montevideo, Verona, New York and Toronto. Telefilm, MFS. Producer, director, story Gordon Reeve

1990 -1992 Moment of Light - the Dance of Evelyn Hart, Paris, Munich, Tokyo, Winnipeg. Telefilm, MFS, GLOBAL,co-production with the NFB, Distributor – Rhombus Media International, Produced, written, directed by Gordon Reeve, Broadcast - Australia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Spain, U.S.

1992 -1993 Walks Fast Woman Development CBC, MFS,Telefilm Olympic runner Angela Chalmers

1997- 1998 Blue Salute Development budget Manitoba Film and Sound Telefilm Canada    

1996 - 1998 Right to No,  Development budget CBC Telefilm MFS               

2002 Harawi - Olivier Messaien Experimental video Music/dance        


Prizes and Special Awards for Film

Bronze Apple, 23rd National Educational Film and Video Festival, Oakland, California

Red Ribbon,  Performance. the American Film and Video Festival, Chicago, Illinois  

Finalist, Certificate of Merit Performance Arts  Worldfest Houston, Texas

Bronze,  41st Columbus International Film and Video Festival, Columbus, Ohio

Silver Medal, 29th Chicago International Film Festival, Chicago, – Arts and Humanities  

Award of the Mayor of Dubnica, Medzinarodny Festival Slovakia 

Best Arts Documentary, Second Blizzards Awards  Excellence in Television

Finalist Dancescreen, Frankfurt, Germany 


Site Specific Sculpture Commissions (resumed 2000-present)

2000 Sharon Screens, SS . 3@ 4’ x 8’ scrims. Computer/light interactive (built)                            

2004 Luna, Friesens Corp., Altona MB, Stainless Steel, cast glass (built)                            

2006 proposal Where Words Go Once Spoken, Tsunami Memorial competition, Oslo                                   

2007 Les Megaferriques, NCC, Ottawa, Finalist, Award of Merit                                                         

2008 Agassiz Ice National Juried Competition – Site specific sculpture. Three monumental forms,Winnipeg (built)

2009 Canadian Navy Monument, collaboration Smith Carter Architects

2009 Fundy Rift, finalist St. John NB                                                                                                                      

2010 - 2011 Katimak, Buoyant Sculpture Collaboration with Mech. Eng., Graham Leverick, Gold medal, Sculptor Gordon Reeve  (working model)         

2006 – 2011 Remediation of the Wilderness Boundary, community development, site plan, strategy

2011 Imagined Trajectory Finalist for Public Sculpture Mississauga, Sheridan Campus (model built)

2013 Le Dejeuner dur l’herbe Kingsbrae Garden Prize, St. Andrews, NB (built)                            

2011 - 2013 Silver Meridian  20’ x 20’x7’ stainless steel, kinetic wind/water feature (built)                                  

2014 Wheel of Nations, sculpture, Rotary International Centennial, Winnipeg, Manitoba (built)                                          

2013-2015 Wisdom (A Place of Many Grasses) site-specific memorial honouring Tecumseh Landscaping, sculpture, benches, procession, text by nine contemporary First Nations leaders (built)  

2015 Commemorative interpretive benches, completion and dedication for Wisdom (A Place of Many Grasses)

2018 The Coming Spring, stainless steel, H 35' W 24'x24' geothermal heating cooling, wind movement, soundWh ere Our Paths Cross Reconciliation Commemorative Project. National juried competition. Saskatoon Tribal Council, the Central Urban Metis Federation and the City of Saskatoon

2018 Niagara Strait, the Niagara Botanical Garden, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Two forms (25'x18'x12") and 20'x16'x 12" 316 L Stainless Steel


Invited Papers

2008 Language of Transition - Art in Public Places. International Scientific Conference Centennial of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt


Reviews: Film

Enright, Robert. Moving Intimacies, a Conversation with Evelyn Hart, Border Crossings, January 1992 – Vol. 11, Number 1


Green, Robert-Everett. Music and Dance Critic, The Paradox of Evelyn Hart, Globe and Mail, Friday, July 10, 1992


Weber, Terry. Arts, Winnipeg Filmmaker Picks Up Awards, Winnipeg Free Press, October 5, 1994

Weber, Terry. Hart’s Life, Art Dances Across Screen, Entertainment, Winnipeg Free Press, October 29, 1992

McKie, Paul. Review, Hart: a Dynamo of Grace, Winnipeg Free Press, November 6, 1992


MacLennan, Mary Jane. Perfect Form, Moment of Light, Winnipeg Sun, November 1, 1992

Global Television. Premiere Moment of Light, Playback, November 9, 1992


Press: Sculpture

Wisdom  at A Place of Many Grasses (2014-2015)

Huff Media Production, A Place of Many Grasses (short documentary) November 1, 2015

TVCOGECO Chatham-Kent, A Place of Many Grasses October 29, 2015

Ferguson, Sarah, Sculptor Brings Tecumseh’s Story to Life. Fort Erie Times, Aug. 26, 2014

Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Celebrations for Dedication of Sculpture Honouring Tecumseh, October 6, 2014

Blake, Jim, Hundereds gather at A Place of Many Grasses, October 6, 2014

Andrews, Blair. Tecumseh Monument Celebration Stirs Emotions. This Week. Monday, October 6, 2014

Viau, Jason.  First Nations People Honoured (Gallery). Blackburn News. October 5, 2014

Blake, Jim. A Place of Many Grasses. The Chatham Voice. October 3, 2014

CBC News. Chief Tecumseh Honoured with Turtle Shell Sculpture. October 03, 2014

Sydenham Current. First Nations and Tecumseh Honoured. October 2, 2014


Silver Meridian (2013)

Silver Meridian, New Gordon Reeve Sculpture in Lac du Bonnet, Winnipeg Free Press, 08/13/2013


Agassiz Ice (2008)

Physicality Key to Agassiz Ice Sculptor Gordon Reeve, Winnipeg Free Press, Aug. 27, 2008  (article)​ (video)

We've Got Visual Impact. Winnipeg Free Press. April 12, 2009

Hot Town. Winnipeg Free Press. July 4, 2009

Sculpture to Cast Cool Shadows at Park. Winnipeg Free Press. July 6, 2007.


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